The story of the 407

It started with wanting to create a place where you can leave the world behind, and for at least a little bit, just unplug. We wanted to create a place where our patrons aren’t just another order number, but they feel special and individually cared for. The core values of our brand led us to create a place where we encourage you to leave the screen behind, and unplug. We encourage conversations, and getting to know new people. We wanted a place where you didn’t have the pressure of feeling like you have to know the menu before you order - we fundamentally disagree with that. In fact, we created a place where you can comfortably walk in, and not know what you want so you can rely on our staff helping you discover new favorites that you may never have tried before. Starring at a menu for a few seconds and then having to make a high-pressure decision isn’t fun - we changed that! Simply ask our staff to help you find something you may like, and we may just surprise you!

This idea spawned from this concept of “delight” - which stems from the user experience design world. We borrowed from this principle because we felt that our patrons shouldn’t be burdened with high pressure decisions made within seconds. By concentrating on delight, we designed a coffee experience that leaves only the enjoyment part intact - all else is removed! We call it minimalism, because that’s how the best things in life are.

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It starts with coffee! Doesn’t everything?

For us it starts with exotically sourced beans from the best coffee growers in world. We like what elevation does to the taste of the beans, and source our coffee from higher elevation areas. The beans then go to get roasted by true artisan roasters that bring precision chemistry and craftsmanship to direct the flavors and notes of the natural beans like a symphony. The notes are carefully preserved, and stay at the center of the taste of our coffee.

Then there is our side of the story - the baristas! We have highly trained baristas, using only the very best grinders and espresso machines with technologically advanced measurements to ensure that every pull is consistent, and as rich as it deserves to be. But what is great about the 407 is that it doesn’t end there - of course not! Imagine walking into a coffee place that has a tempered glass board with your name, and your favorite recipe for how you like your coffee - now that’s delight! We can track your drink preferences, and when you find that perfect balance, we have the recipe on display for our baristas, and other patrons to be inspired by. How cool would it be if other people tried your recipe, thought you had great tastes, and started ordering your drink regularly?


Then there’s food!

Good coffee needs a partner in crime

We took the same approach to sourcing local food vendors like bakeries and sandwich shops to create the great parings the 407 offers. All are locally sourced, all are supporting local businesses in our area, and we like that - we have a feeling you do too!


We’re different because we chose to be.

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consistency - sustainability - RESPONSIBILITY

At the 407 we believe in standing for something important, and long lasting. We believe in sustainability, long term stability and responsibility - that’s a mouthful, but it’s important to us! As business owners we feel a responsibility to be intentional with our customers, thoughtful to the Edmonds community, and responsible to our environment and the local economy. So we decided from day one that we would source our coffee from local roasters, and find high quality, local food vendors like bakeries and sandwich shops that believe as we do, because we believe in community.

Our hope is that people that believe as we do will band together to not just enjoy a cup of coffee together, leave the screen behind and start a conversation, but to help make our communities stronger!

There’s an ancient Greek proverb that inspires us to think about long lasting effects both in society, and the environment, and it really summarizes what we believe and how we feel as a group.

A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in." - Ancient Greek Proverb



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